Power Crisis in Pakistan and It’s Possible Solutions Sample Essay

Pakistan is confronting a large and serious energy crisis which is increasing with the transition of clip and the authorities of Pakistan has remained fail to command this and repair this issue. In malice of the turning ratio of economical growing in the full universe. Pakistan is stuck with the same energy crisis specifically from the last 5 old ages. Government has conducted many National Energy Conferences on probationary and national degree. but they all are in vain. In this conference. the authorities governments merely use to speak about the methods to command the energy crisis in state and the multitudes have dejected over drawn-out outage of electricity energy. Although authorities has conducted many conferences before this to command the deficit of energy and all of them remained useless and this clip. authorities governments have besides made a usage less decision of this conference.

The state is traveling down autumn and has plunged into the worst crisis of energy since 2007 ; it is because of the lifting demand for electricity in the state. A survey has told that the demand for electricity has entered into dual digit figure following increasing sale of electrical and electronic contraptions. The Pakistan Economic Survey for the twelvemonth of 2003 and 2004 has told us that the ingestion of electricity has increased by 8. 6 per cent in the full. Peoples are now demanding and following more epicurean life manner which has increased this demand. This study has unveiled that the family sector is the biggest consumer of electricity which usage to utilize about 44. 2 per cent of entire the electricity ingestion in the state. Where as industrial sector is utilizing 31. 1 per cent of electricity. agribusiness sector is devouring 14. 3 per cent. all other authorities sector are devouring 7. 4 per cent. the commercial sector is apt to devour 5. 5 per cent and the remainder of 0. 7 per cent is being consumed on the street visible radiations.

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The major management-related causes of the crisis are:
* Management Information System ( MIS ) non to the full utilised.
* Failure to calculate and be after for the hereafter.
* Failure to put up new bring forthing Stationss in clip.
* No new Transmission/Distribution webs & A ; grid Stationss apparatus.
* Unexpectedly rapid growing of burden.

Solutions to cover-up Energy Crisis:
Line losingss control:
This is the easiest manner which can supply the alleviation on short term degree. Pakistan is presently bearing losingss up to 24 % of its entire power generated. These 24 % losingss include losingss incurred during transmittal and distribution every bit good as due to theft and the late dark displacements of offices and markets. If authorities takes a measure and reduces these to 10 % so we can salvage up to 300 MW of electricity which can be utile and finally the rates of electricity will be reduced. Wind Energy:

Many states have found wind energy a best replacement of electricity. America. China and Canada have done a batch of research and made developments to acquire energy from air current. After these states. many other states are besides believing to acquire electricity from air current. Pakistan should besides develop such schemes to acquire energy from the air current. it will cut down the deficit of electricity and the rates will besides diminish automatically. Solar Energy:

Solar energy is the ultimate and free beginning of energy. Pakistan is traveling down and the demand of electricity is increasing where as the supply is diminishing continuously. A really big portion of the rural population does non hold the installation of electricity because they are either excessively distant or it is found excessively expensive to link their small towns to the national grid station. Pakistan can easy use the solar energy although in some countries of Pakistan this sort of energy is going common. but still there are a batch of things to be done in the existent universe. in the major metropoliss of Pakistan. Coal Potential in Pakistan:

Pakistan is really rich in its natural resources and it comes at the fifth figure in the full universe for holding largest coal resources. The resources of coal in Pakistan are more than 185 Billion tones. With this immense and monolithic militias of coal can assist Pakistan in bring forthing energy from coal. The one-year study of WAPDA told that Pakistan is bring forthing energy from coal non more than 0. 79 % where as the other developed states are bring forthing a immense sum from coal. as USA generates 56 % . UK 58 % and China is bring forthing 81 % of coal energy. Hydro-electric power potency:

Pakistan has a monolithic possible chance to bring forth electric power from hydroelectric power workss.

Power coevals by natural gas is about Rs6 KWh as compared to Rs14. 5 KWh by furnace oil. In the last five old ages natural gas allotment for power has been reduced from 53 per cent to 27 per cent and furnace oil usage in power coevals has increased from 17 per cent to 38 per cent. This has increased the cost of coevals by Rs130bn in 2010. raising round debt taking to higher power rates. The power crisis can be alleviated by reapportioning gas towards power production and cut downing the supply to the conveyance sector temporarily as power production must take precedency over other sectors. Meanwhile. LNG should be imported on an pressing footing for the CNG sector. Owing to assignments of unqualified people in the oil and gas sector natural gas end product has remained inactive. Furthermore. steps must be taken to settle all judicial proceeding so that gas can be brought into the national supply web.

IPP power workss are more advanced and economic than Wapda’s and should be brought back on line as power production per unit of fuel is less with considerable nest eggs. To sum up. since the mean demand and supply are running short by 1. 200 MW in winter and 3. 000 MW in summer. an addition in allotment of gas towards power production to bring forth extra 2. 000 MWs. coupled with maximal usage of higher IPPs. can convey us out of the present morass. Professionals should be inducted and judicial proceeding should be settled so that more natural gas can be made available. AZIZ SUHARWARDY Karachi Industry hit THERE is no security of life. nutrient. wellness and instruction for the populace. Unemployment is increasing. More and more people are skiding below the poorness line. Who is responsible for the present province of personal businesss in the state? Unpredictable outages have affected production of 7. 000 industrial units of athleticss equipment. surgical instruments and leather in Sialkot. As a consequence of this. bargainers associated with export of athleticss goods. surgical instruments and leather points have suffered 40 per cent deficits in export marks this summer and 1000s of industrial workers are besides confronting occupation cuts.

Sialkot industries deserved a better intervention in power supplies as the metropolis is gaining $ 1. 26 billion foreign exchange yearly. Deficit of natural gas. gasoline and electricity has affected industry and concerns. Consecutive authoritiess have ne’er to the full utilized resources and focused their energies on development. We do non see any serious attempt by the authorities to turn to these issues. The resistance is every bit responsible as it has failed to look into and steer the authorities. Unrest in the state is increasing. Before it goes out of control. the authorities should believe about development. Violent protests over loadshedding have become a everyday in different parts of the state. Closing of roads cause jobs for commuters and combustion of Surs additions pollution.

Several vicinities suffer from an acute deficit of H2O as tube-wells can non be operated owing to power outages. We have clip and once more assessed the public presentation of the people responsible for the supply of power but they have refused to admit that their system is icky due to rampant corruptness and inefficiency. The authorities does non gain the defeat of the people. Furthermore. the job of our state has ne’er been the deficiency of natural resources. but our lone job is deficiency of sincere leading. Pakistan is confronting societal and economic challenges. Civil society should give suggestions for solution of national jobs and advance a civilization of just usage of resources. Merely by following serious attitude we can work out the power jobs and take Pakistan out of this power crisis. Above mentioned solutions of power crisis are most practical. S. A. KHOKHAR Lahore ( Dawn. com. pk )